Meet the professionals at ThinkZenMedia




Owner & Co-founder

Faysal has an entrepreneurial attitude with strong commercial awareness at building new leads and managing existing relationships with advertising agencies and direct clients across the UAE, GCC and International markets. He’s strategist with a strong track record in business growth, commercial market forecasting, product development, supply chain management.

You can usually find him in his second home (the gym) with headphones blasting! He has penchant for most rock/ metal genres.



Director of Business Development & Co-founder

Marketing and Social media enthusiast & Co-founder of Thinkzenmedia – who thrives on working with SME organisations, Start-ups, ‘Not for Profit’ businesses / NGOs that are interested in using the Internet more effectively.She started her first consultancy at 25, during that year she was elected Chairperson of the Pink Caravan, where she initiated and developed the strong foundation and vision to provide accessible state-of-the-art early screening technology in the UAE, free for men and women. When she's not @Thinkzenmedia HQ or with our clients, you can catch her with a ‘Flat White’ or escaping the rat race completely and enjoying the blissful serenity of the desert with her horse.

Basma TZM team pic


Head of Corporate Yoga

Basma is a certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, also training with David Magone, on the highly acclaimed 200hour PranaVayu Vinyasa, to become a Yoga Teacher.  Basma aims to inspire people to lead a more balanced and peaceful life - Basma is one of our Thinker[z] providing specialised content and heading up our Corporate Yoga Workshops.

When Basma is not teaching yoga or advising people on how to lead a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle, you can probably find her at some tranquil location doing one of her complicated one legged poses, or out hunting and gathering for fresh organic produce.  Basra defiantly helps us all stay Zen

issi tzm team pic


Content writer

Isabelle is a stylish edgy fashion Designer from Australia, drawing inspiration through street style, music and the artists she collaborates with when designing for her label Deadly Companions. Isabelle is one of our Thinker[z] providing specialised content for our clients in relation to her respective industry.

Tom tzm team pic


Director of Sound

Sydney-based musician and composer, he is the owner of Single Vineyard Music an independent production-house. He has written and produced the scores for numerous award-winning short films ('Humidity Rising', 'Love Always xxx' and 'The Actress') and TV and radio campaigns such as The TV Week Logies and Lifeline. In June 2014 he worked with BMW, composing for their online promotion of the new 4 Series. Most recently he completed the score for his first feature-length film, 'Generation A'.  Early on in his career he composed the score for the award-winning short film 'Humidity Rising' in 2006 with his owned and operated recording studio, Alchemy Recordings. Tom is one of our Thinker[z] providing specialised services for our clients for short films, TVC's and the like.

When he's not composing for commercial projects you will find him jamming with his band, he is also the guitarist and producer for the progressive rock band 'Machine Learning' which is set to do big things in 2015 with the release of their first EP planned for later in the year. Have a listed to his Soundcloud - everyone at ThinkZenMedia are big fans of his music!

jas tzm team pic


Director of Events

Our pocket rocket weighing in at just 45kg - The creative mastermind behind our corporate wall murals and Pop-Up-Comedy events. Jasmin is also an extremely talented actress, who has graced the screens in the UAE in a feature film, Expo 2020 promotional team and many TVC's. Jasmin is one of our Thinker[z] providing creative flare and collaborates with us on several projects; most recently heading up her newly launched Pop-up-Comedy events. On a good day this pint sized petrol head can talk your ear off about anything... (we're not joking) especially when it comes to horse power! - Including but not limited to: 2 wheels, 4 wheels, 4WD... and the original horse power - with 4 legs. You can usually find her off galavanting across the sand dunes with Cecile or she's likely on set somewhere for a film or TV commercial.

anam tzm team pic


Content writer & Social media expert

A successful entrepreneur and business woman in her own right when she started YayRabbit, combining business with leisure on social media since 2007. She looks after established fashion retail clients and numerous startups. Anam is one of our Thinker[z] providing specialised content and collaborating with ThinkZenMedia for social media projects.

When she's not working, you will find her glued to her Instagram (to say its obsessive is an understatement) when she puts her phone down she love hanging out at the latest fashion event or nibbling popcorn.



Head of Equintelligence Workshops

With a lifelong association with horses, Tauseef has worked with horses in many parts of the world. He has directly trained under Ingela Larsson, Anja Grell, Peter Madisson Greenwell and Eileen Verdieck, horse people of considerable international repute. He is a certified member of the European Association of Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE).His focus is on understanding the horse’s perspective and communicate with the horse through empathy. He brings his unique professional experience in management consulting and corporate training to the world of horses and people. Tauseef is one of our Thinker[z] providing specialised content and heading our EQ workshops.