About ThinkZenMedia

Founded in 2011 as a UAE marketing consultancy, known to many of our clients as Ochre Marketing, with some beautiful rebranding, ThinkZenMedia was born in 2013. From humble beginnings ThinkZenMedia, has grown to be a full-service B2B marketing and communication firm offering branding services for companies across the United Arab Emirates, Norway and Australia. We offer branding solutions such as corporate identity development, creating taglines, competitive analysis, copywriting, logo design, print design and project managing web design projects thought our partners.

We specialise in attracting ideal clients with inbound marketing tactics such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing and content marketing. Since 2013 our concentration has been towards B2B firms who are looking for an external team of B2B branding specialists to enhance their brand positioning, build awareness and increase market share.


ThinkZenMedia works with your team to help your company gain a greater share of the market:

Trying to achieve too much, all at once? A strategy will dictate the most advantageous direction for an organisation to take over a defined period of time. It will also indicate which tactics and means should be used to execute this direction. Originating as a military term, strategy is about using your strengths, as well as the context in which you are operating, to your advantage. However, companies make the mistake when implementing a marketing strategy, of deploying too many resources simultaneously on more than one front, therefore, making it difficult to secure either front. The basic idea being that when your team is spread out (too thinly), it is difficult to achieve success. We advise you on how to allocate your marketing budget efficiently, understanding focusing on high quality initiatives that maximize ROI and increase your visibility.

We love makeovers! Its not just about the visual aesthetics, our team will formulate a strategic, dependable B2B branding strategy that connects with your existing and prospective clients, communicates your company’s unique value proposition and builds brand loyalty.

Your website should be a Client Gateway: As a branding specialist we work along side award winning web design partners, we team up to design website solutions that will be prominent on search engines for targeted keyword phrases.

Content is King: We cannot emphases the importance of good content, paired with effective inbound marketing you make the most of your content and generate leads. We strive to provoke thought leadership content and directly pass this message to your target market. Content marketing is a must in this day and age, it will help generate and nurture inbound marketing leads by building your brand as a credible source.

“More dash than cash”: By being an SME ourselves, as well as working with our fair share over the years, we know first hand how challenging it is to stretch a budget and get value in down to the last dollar. Our professional, effective strategies are tailored to work with what ever your budget. We work on a per-project or on a monthly retainer, depending on your companies marketing objectives. We provide your company with seasoned marketing specialists at a fraction of the cost compared to dealing with additional overheads of full time internal staff.

We don’t use a cookie cutter approach for B2B MARKETING

We are passionate about marketing and every client brings a different challenge – every business we work with is exciting, inventive and unique. And your B2B marketing strategy should reflect just that. Our top three priorities for your brand are:

  • Driving increased conversion rates
  • Increasing and improving brand awareness
  • Collecting, measuring, and using behavior-based data

We use a combination of both traditional B2B marketing tactics (brochure design, website design and social media) as well as incorporating responsive web design and the latest content marketing.