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Why is content marketing so important to my B2B?

We thought you would never ask? {deep breath} The simple truth is content marketing focus on what your prospective clients need to know most about you instead of what you need to tell them.


Now visualise that content as the fuel that powers B2B marketing strategy, which brings us onto the Big 3:

Search – It is a simple fact, if your site or blog is lacking in great content, how do you expect to rank on the search terms that your prospective clients use?

Social – content is like the ace up your sleeve, something to use in the social media conversation – thought leaders don’t come empty handed to the social media party!

Outbound – content offers out-perform product offers in email, PPC and web banners.

Bypassing up on content marketing allows for your competition to have the first mover advantage. Failure to share insights, advice, solutions and general industry knowledge tells prospective clients your thought leader qualities are lacking in luster.

Tip 1# Do Listen and Educate, Don’t Sell

Remember, content marketing isn’t about advertising or promoting your products or services (at least, not overtly). The key is to produce and distribute content that offers value to your B2B clients. They’re not interested in hearing about all the features you have to offer, only how those features can benefit them and solve problems they face.

Content platforms

When most people think of content marketing, they immediately think of social media and PR. There are many other underutilized marketing platforms where content marketing can be effective. ThinkZenMedia uses additional platforms such as podcasts, webinars, direct mail, video, infographics and guest blogs are some of the ways we help our clients.

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  • Content marketing
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