ThinkZenMedia like to take a holistic approach to branding, especially when it comes to brand identity and brand strategy, they are two sides of the branding coin and you can’t have one without the other. Most companies miss the boat when it comes to building their brand and fall short when it comes how the brand will delivers unique value.  It is wise to remember that for a consumers focus on your brand you need to be focused on them!

A strong brand bridges the gap between who you are and what others envisage. Good branding we be your map and compass, a comprehensive and adaptable brand strategy will allow your brand to grow and transform in a competitive lansacpe. At ThinkZenMedia we help companies design meaningful brand experiences by working with them to re[think] how they deliver value.

ThinkZenMeida helps companies to achieve brand Strategy:

This is how we help brands to identify potential opportunities by discovering  the reasons why their audience choose to use your brand, or side with one of your competitors.


Just like great real-estate, its all in the positioning,  this is how savvy brands leverage opportunities with that yield the nest results.. TO be a successful brand you must position yourself in a way which connects most effectively to your desired audience.


Brand architecture is like a blue print (we do the same exercise when designing websites) the key is to align your brand with your company’s vision—everything stems from this point. A solid foundation helps to create a singular focus which intern drives ROI.

ThinkZenMeida helps companies to achieve brand identity:

Helps your company make more informed brand identity decisions by visually mapping target audiences perceptions, preference and bias.


Is your company talking as one single entity? Everything comes into play here, from comapny names to product and serivce names, having a clear a verbal identity helps ensure your branding message is heard!


Just like a verbal identity you visual identity is just as important! We are visual creatures and this is how audience will build trust and brand loyalty in the marketplace—we will work with you to ensure that your desired target audience see your brand in all its glory.


It is very important not to overlook how you package your brand, this is a physical expression of your brand’s strategic message both structurally and graphically. Our [Thinkerz] are not conventional in the slightest, at ThinkZenMedia “we don’t use cookie cutter methods” – period.