B2B Website


Many B2B marketers want to immediately jump into lead generation tactics before they have a solid marketing foundation. Reality is, tactics are futile until your firm has a compelling identity, brand message and web presence.

For most B2B firms, their websites are first and foremost marketing platforms. Investing in a professional, well designed and easy-to-update with the right Content Management System. It is highly likely that your prospective clients going to the web to find you, another likely scenario is that, they visit your website multiple times before ever picking up the phone. That’s why creating a compelling website to explain your sweet spot or unique value proposition will help your company position themselves against the competition.

It is fine if you already have your web developer selected –  As we focus on creating the navigational structure of your site, and hierarchy of information and how your specific audience is likely to interact and engage with you. We decipher your business objectives and goals (skipping the “lost in translation” phase between you and your developer) The more convenient scenario for the client is to   hand over the blueprints for your website, then your web developer builds a specific B2B website that meets your requirements. Don’t get pushed into a website that is just a re-worked template… You deserve more.

Benefits of a B2B specific website:
  • 24/7 sales staff
  • Clients can “touch” before they buy
  • Capture otherwise lost leads
  • Support client retention and word of mouth