The clue is in the # for wider post reach on Instagram

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Instagram seems to be the #Hashtag hot spot right now, with the trend tilting towards the more you add the better your chance of audience engagement!

The use of the #Hashtag to promote your visual content has three main values to you,

  1. Hashtags dramatically increase the reach for your posts — which means you’ll get more Instagram followers
  2. Hashtags help you find people on Instagram with similar interests as you
  3. Hashtags help you do market research to learn about your competitors

Check out this visual example of how to determine interaction by the number of #Hashtags.


We thought we would delve into the most popularhashtags that are,Hashtags allow you to search particular themes and view all the photos that have used a common hashtag. If you use the popular ones, other hashtag fans will end up seeing your photo linked to that hashtag and check out what you posted, especially if your photo is good. (Great tip for anyone looking to gain more followers)

Some of the most popular hashtags are:

  1. #photooftheday
  2. #loveit
  3. #selfie
  4. #instadaily
  5. #picoftheday
  6. #igers
  7. #instacool
  8. #love
  9. #instagood
  10. #tbt (throwback Thursday)
  11. #photooftheday
  12. #follow
  13. #happy
  14. #l4l
  15. #instacollage
  16. #picoftheday
  17. #like

Hot off the press… instagram-happy-hashtag

Instagram released a new update that will now support emojis in hashtags. Huge news for Instagram fanatics.

You’ll just need to update your Instagram app…. NOW.

Until now, you couldn’t even press an emoji key while searching hashtags on Instagram. This change lets you create emojihashtags, unless its an eggplant (which has now been officially banned by Instagram HQ for violating their terms and conditions of use.).

So #Happy #Hashtaging

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