Pink Caravan

Client: Pink Caravan
Categories: Sponsorship

We are very proud of our co-founder who pioneered a new way of positioning breast cancer awareness campaigns for the UAE. Pink Caravan was an inspired vision, which brought together the love, and dedication from many individuals and volunteers that made the magic happen. Pink Caravan (PC) was the first early detection cancer campaign to be rolled out across all regions of the United Arab Emirates, and using her knowledge and passion for horses, it provided the vehicle to not only deliver the message, but it engaged with multiple audiences and tapped into a culture and heritage that revered horses.   Working closely with Friends of Cancer Patients NGO to ensure fundraising, screening and educational initiatives meet our objectives developing the corporate partners program.

By drawing on a combination of her company’s resources, corporate connections, and countless man-hours, driving and riding across the UAE, with a whole lot of love, she has helped this campaign find its feet as the Chairperson and now one of the campaign ambassadors.

Pink Caravan needed a website to match their ambitious vision of creating a cancer aware UAE. So we called on a few trusted suppliers & partners (Top of our partner list was 1CallGroup) to help us provide a multi lingual platform and wrote and designed this site, complete with e-commerce plugin and donation gateway, complex forms for riders and volunteers to sign up and get involved in the journey.

  • Establishing strong strategic relationships with industry leaders.
  • Introduced corporate connections who came on board as sponsors (Explorer Maps – who are still partnering with them, and providing customised ride maps for PC – four years down the line!)
  • Establishing media and communication partners with our good friends at ARN. Resulting in numerous interviews, live broadcasts and hourly news segments.
  • Joint marketing activities with other NGO’s, designed to engage the community and support kids with special needs.
  • Logistics and planning for the 10-Day horse-back ride, managed (crew, riders, volunteers) throughout journey.
  • Working with our valued partners to help Pink Caravan pioneer and launch a specialised APP (which was nominated for an award!)
  • Official English Spokesperson for campaign 2011-2012 (public speaking, press conferences, TV, Radio and interviews)