Friends of Cancer Patients

Categories: Digital

In 2011, Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) asked our co-founder to cast her eye over their website. As this fell under our CSR initiative, as we like to give back to our community as well. ThinkZenMedia (which was then Ochre Marketing) had already dedicated countless company resources and man-hours from some of our top Thinker[z] at ThinkZenMedia, to shape and contribute towards the now hugely successful breast cancer campaign,Pink Caravanwhich was rolled out under the umbrella of FOCP. See our co-founder and her involvement with the Charity– check out what we did for Pink Caravan

FOCP needed a website to match their ambitious vision of creating a cancer aware UAE. We helped provide a multi lingual platform and wrote and designed this site, complete with e-commerce plugin and donation gateway.