Alkatraz Productions

Client: Alkatraz
Categories: Mural

When a group of very talented Film Industry buffs approached us to help breathe some life into their B2B website, we were chomping at the bit to get our sleeves rolled up and get started. Before we got started on the website we were in the midst of doing a really cool mural for their office in Studio City, Dubai. The theme of the mural was the inspiration to what unfolded online.

Alkatraz, is a specialist UAE Production Services Company, which works closely with local and foreign production houses.

They had a great clean and crisp logo and an even better name that conjured up thoughts of 1930’s AL CAPONE gangster scene and the obvious association with the famous prison… Which is exactly the theme we brought to the project.

 Our mission:
  1. Work with the existing logo but bring out a style that they can be associated with. While keeping the cool clean black and white feel.
  1. Engage with the market using content and visual identity that helps to attract new industry partners.
  1. Give this (New kid on the block) company a strong grounding point, making reference to the group of talented individuals that bring extensive industry experience and reputations to match.
  1. Bring them a B2B website that works for both their regional and international clientele.
  1. B2B business analysis reports and presentations to assist them to grow further and acquire new space and bodies to match the ambitious vision for 2015 and beyond.

There are some great things in the works…