Client: AdZouk
Categories: Digital

This was an exciting opportunity to work with one of the premium online advertising solution providers in the Middle East – which was awesome!

Now AdZouk have been busy bees, rolling out their new  Zoukontent Discovery, Arabia’s first and only product of its type, that serves millions of sponsored content and product recommendations on the region’s most widely-read and innovative websites and apps.

They are powered by a mix of coffee and cutting edge technology, enabling advertising clients to engage with their audience more effectively and have the ability to measure their content marketing efforts. [Simply put – users stay on the site / app for longer, resulting in higher re-circulation click-through rates, basically AdZouk can serve you up a side of “content”, deliver it to the right visitor, at the right time!]

[Enter] TZM Thinker[z]

First things first – get the online strategy clear, and make some minor changes (rather like a facelift of sorts to) the homepage, once AdZouk and TZM were happy with the B2B strategy we moved onto social media and content marketing.

Our goal:
  1. Establish Adzouk as thought leaders
  2. Give them a website blue print that can be rolled out in phases
  3. Create some awesome copy and churn it out on a regular basis
  4. Get them on the social radar… and make some serious noise
  5. Empower the AdZouk team to be active on social media, to share and also engage on a social level with their clients
  6. Create some cool eye catching graphics (a bit of branding/ with a few cool infographics – to keep things interesting. )
Next step

At the moment we are working on launching a new blog for these guys, so stay tuned and we will update this space when this goes live!